Trainee Expansion Programme

Trainee Expansion Programme

The family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation is delighted to partner with ISRHML a distinguished association of multidisciplinary scientists and researchers, to create a unique opportunity for inspiring young scientists to experience new opportunities within the field of human milk and lactation.

Our goal is to cultivate and promote trainee talent and the skills necessary for academic and career development in human milk and lactation. We aim to provide ISRHML members and trainees with unique opportunities, such as:

- working in a different lab, discipline or country to learn new techniques and gain new perspectives
- moving into the field of human milk and lactation
- developing an interdisciplinary and international scientific network
- transcending cultural or language barriers
- exchanging and sharing ideas and experiences among fellow students and host institutions

“This partnership will help to broaden the group of excellent talent focused on human milk and lactation to expand the global knowledge for the well-being of infants worldwide.” Said Katharina Lichtner, managing director of the Foundation. “It promotes our organisations’ shared vision of advancing the talents of gifted young scientists”.

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