The International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation and the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation are recharging their annual grant offering for researchers who wish to enter or advance a career in human milk and lactation. TEP 2.0 - the next generation of the Trainee Expansion Program (TEP) - offers a total of USD $1.25 million over five years through two types of grant. 

Interested? Find full details here in English and German!

Trainee Travel Fund (TTF) grants – up to USD $10,000 over up to three months to gain a new skill or experience in a different setting.  

Trainee Bridge Fund (TBF) grants – up to USD $100,000 over approximately 12 months to support a research project that will lead to an independent position.  

Applications open 1 August. The deadline to apply is 1 October 2021.

“TEP gave me a unique opportunity to deepen my knowledge, in addition to growing my professional network and enhancing my lab skills,” says past Trainee Travel Fund recipient Larisse Melo, MSc, Nutrition Research Technician and Sessional Lecturer at The University of British Columbia.  

TEP 2.0, which will run for five years, aims to offer improved accessibility and flexibility from the inaugural initiative. TEP 2.0 targets increased international diversity with more awards to early career researchers connected to low- and middle-income countries, plus widens the scope for sustainable social impact with more awards for public health or translational research and projects.

ISRHML and FLRF believe that creating new learning opportunities is one way to take action toward fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals on education and mother and child health. 

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