The International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation (ISRHML) and the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation (FLRF) are helping to cultivate the next generation of researchers in human milk and lactation with the next generation of their Trainee Expansion Program – TEP 2.0.

TEP 2.0 offers a total of USD $1.25 million over five years, through two types of annual grant, to academics seeking to enter or advance a career in human milk and lactation.

Trainee Travel Fund (TTF) grants provide up to USD $10,000 over up to three months so recipients can gain a new skill or acquire experience in a different setting.  

Trainee Bridge Fund (TBF) grants provide up to USD $100,000 over approximately 12 months to support a research project that will bring recipients collaboration and networking opportunities and lead to an independent position. 

“TEP gave me a unique opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the study of vitamins in human milk, in addition to growing my professional network in the field and enhancing my lab skills and self-confidence. Having the opportunity to be part of an international scientific network between professors in New Zealand, the United States and Canada showed me how global the study of nutrition in human milk can be.” – Larisse Melo, MSc, Nutrition Research Technician and Sessional Lecturer at The University of British Columbia and past TTF recipient. 

TEP 2.0 builds on the success of the inaugural initiative, which awarded over 30 grants since launching in 2016. ISRHML and FLRF aim to make TEP 2.0 more accessible and expand its reach by:

• Building international diversity with increased awards to people connected to low- and middle-income countries
• Encouraging applications for public health or translational research and projects with a clear trajectory toward sustainable social impact
• Simplifying the application process and offering mentorship from TEP alumni
• Accommodating applicants with family obligations through flexible TTF training arrangements

Are you interested in furthering your career, acquiring a new skill set or expanding your professional network to another lab or country ... or does this sound like someone you know? 

Discover more: applications open 1 August. The deadline to apply is 1 October.*

*Please see LactaPedia – A glossary of lactation for science and medicine – for guidance on field-specific terminology.  

The partners believe creating new learning opportunities is one way to take action toward fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals on education and mother and child health.

Meet previous TEP awardees here in the Hall of Fame: 2016-Summer 2020

These TEP Bridge Fund and TEP Travel Fund awardees each received up to USD $100,000 or up to USD $10,000 respectively to advance in their academic career.

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