The aha! Swiss Allergy Centre and the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation believe that education is essential to raise awareness and increase the practice of breastfeeding as a valuable allergy prevention measure.

To achieve those goals, the centre is compiling a comprehensive summary of the latest research findings on breastfeeding and allergies/atopic diseases in collaboration with experts in allergology. The summarised findings will be used to update and create educational materials for health specialists and people affected by allergies, as well as their families.

The aha! Swiss Allergy Centre plans to disseminate the resources via its many service offerings, such as the aha!infoline where trained advisors provide personalised consultations, informational workshops for parents, and professional development courses and training modules.

The partners hope that by integrating the topic of breastfeeding and allergy prevention into the services of the centre, understanding and acceptance of breastfeeding as a preventative measure against allergies will increase among healthcare professionals and the general public alike.