Infants being born prematurely or who are sick have been shown to thrive better on breastmilk due to its developmental, immunological and medicinal properties. In cases where the mother’s own milk is not available, the next best option is breastmilk from other mothers safely supplied through human milk banks. However, there is no consensus for how to best operate and use human milk banks. Also, no best practice guidelines or standards and no regulation or regulatory body to oversee safe use of breastmilk are available.

Therefore, the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation is partnering with PATH, a large global health organisation founded in the US, to create a clear understanding of the fundamental role and purpose of human milk banks. The idea is to identify criteria to assess the needs and the readiness for setting up a milk bank alongside a set of regionally adaptable best practice standards to ensure the quality, safety, effectiveness and sustainability for the future of human milk banking.