Breastmilk is significant for long-term health. Not only does it reduce the short-term morbidity rate among premature and newborn infants, it positively influences health well into adulthood. Surprisingly, the field of breastmilk nutrition and breastfeeding often does not receive the funding and research attention it rightly deserves.

The ISRHML-Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation Trainee Expansion Program (TEP) was created to cultivate and promote trainee talent and the skills necessary for academic and career development in human lactation.

It aims to:
• Cultivate the talents and skills of young scientists already in the field, to promote their academic and career advancement
• Provide an opportunity for young scientists with relevant skills in related disciplines to enter the field of human lactation

• Foster a worldwide exchange of knowledge, and bring new understandings and expertise to regions where they will have the greatest impact.

TEP Awardees

We are pleased to present the awardees of the TEP Bridge Funds and the TEP Travel Funds, who each received up to USD 100,000 or up to USD 10,000 respectively to advance in their academic career.

TEP News Releases

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