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Breastfeeding Duration and Bone Mineral Density in Childhood: A Prospective Study withi GUSTO Cohort

Gridneva Z., Pang W.W., Vlaskovsky P., McEachran L.J., Perrella S.L., Yap F., Wlodek E.M., Chong Y-S., Eriksson G.J., Geddes T.D., Tint T.W.

  • 22 Dez. 2023
  • MDPI
  • https://doi.org/10.3390/proceedings2023093010

Response to Daungsupawong and Wiwanitkitre: "Validating Tools to Detect and Inactivate Monkeybox Virus in Human Milk"

Bode L.

  • 18 Dez. 2023
  • Breastfeeding Medicine
  • https://doi.org/10.1089/bfm.2023.0253

Human Milk Oligosaccharide Composition Following Supplementation with Folic Acid vs (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolic Acid during Pregnancy and Mediation by Human Milk Folate Forms

Cochrane M.K., Bone N.J, Karakochuk D.C., Bode L.

  • 06 Dez. 2023
  • European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • https://10.1038/s41430-023-01376-7

Experience of Induced Lactation in a Transgender Woman: Analysis of Human Milk and a Suggested Protocol

Delgado D., Stellwagen L., McCune S., Sejane K., Bode L.

  • 01 Nov. 2023
  • Breastfeeding Medicine
  • https://10.1089/bfm.2023.0197

Behavioural Outcomes of Children Born with Intraterine Growth Restriction: Protocol for a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Yakoub N., Reinelt T., Natalucci G.

  • 01 Nov. 2023
  • BMJ Open
  • https://doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2023-074417

An Analysis of Actors Participating in the Design and Implementation of Workplace Breastfeeding Interventions in Mexico Using the NetMap Analysis Approach

Litwan, K., Lara-Mejia V., Chahine T., Hernandez-Cordero S., Vilar-Compte M., Perez-Escamilla R.

  • 18 Okt. 2023
  • https://Frontiers|AnAnalysisofActorsParticipatingintheDesignandImplementationofWorkplaceBreastfeedingInterventionsinMexicoUsingtheNetMapAnalysisApproach(frontiersin.org)

Human Milk Bioactive Components and Childhood Growth and Body Composition in First 2 Years: a Systematic Review

Brockway M., Daniel A.I., Reyes S.M., Gauglitz J.M., Granger M., McDermid J.M., Chan D., Refvik R., Sidhu K.K., Musse S., Patel P.P., Monnin C., Lotoski L., Geddes D.T., Jehan F., Kolsteren P., Bode L., Eriksen K.G., Allen L.H., Hampel D., Rodriguez N., Azad M.B.

  • 04 Okt. 2023
  • Advances in Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1016/j.advnut.2023.09.015

Central Adiposity Increases Risk of Kidney Stone Disease via Effects on Serum Calcium Concentrations

Lovegrove C., Bešević J, Wiberg A., Lacey B., Littlejohns T., Allen N., Goldsworthy M., Kim J., Hannan F., Curhan G., Turney B., McCarthy M., Mahajan A., Thakker R., Holmes M., Furniss D., Howles S.

  • 03 Okt. 2023
  • Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
  • https://doi.org/10.1681/asn.0000000000000238

Creative Music Therapy for Long-Term Neurodevelopment in Extremely Preterm Infants: Results of a Feasibility Trial

Haslbeck F.B., Adams M., Schmidli L., Bassler D., Bucher H.U., Natalucci G.

  • 03 Okt. 2023
  • Acta Paediatrica
  • https://doi.org/10.1111/apa.16984

Validating Tools to Detect and Inactivate Monkeypox Virus in Human Milk

Clark E.A., Furst A., Sejane K., Stellwagen L, Proost M., Pride D., Smith M.D., Carlin F.A, Bode L.

  • 21 Sept. 2023
  • Breastfeeding Medicine
  • https://doi.org/10.1089/bfm.2023.0175

Suboptimal Gestational Weight Gain and Neonatal Outcomes in Low and Middle Income Countries: Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis

Perumal N., Wang D., Darling A.M., Liu E., Wang M., Ahmed T., Christian P., Dewey K.G., Kac G., Kennedy S.H., Subramoney V., Briggs B., Fawzi W.W.,

  • 21 Sept. 2023
  • BMJ - British Medical Journal
  • https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj-2022-072249

Definding the Lipid Profiles of Human Milk, Infant Formula, and Animal Milk: Implications for Infant Feeding

George A., Paul S., Wang T., Huynh K., Giles C., Mellet N., Duong T., Nguyen A., Geddes D., Mansell T., Saffery R., Vuillermin P., Ponsonby AL., Burgner D., Burugupalli S., Meikle J.P.

  • 30 Aug. 2023
  • Frontiers
  • https://doi.org/10.3389/fnut.2023.1227340

Trends in Outcomes of Major Intracerebral Haemorrhage in a National Cohort of Very Preterm Born Infants in Switzerland

Thwaites P., Hagmann C., Schneider J., Schulzke S.M., Grund S., Nguyen T.D., Bassler D., Natalucci G.

  • 29 Aug. 2023
  • Children (Basel)
  • https://doi.org/10.3390/children10081412

Epidemiology of Pediatric Astrovirus Gastroenteritis in a Nicaraguan Birth Cohort

Rubinstein J.R., Reyes Y., Gonzales F., Gutierrez L., Ruiz-Toval C., Hammond K., Bode L., Binje J., Vilchez S., Becker-Dreps S., Bucardo F., Vielot A.N.

  • 25 Aug. 2023
  • medRxiv
  • https://doi.org/10.1101/2023.08.24.23294584

A Bacterial Sialidase Mediates Early Life Colonization by a Pioneering Gut Commensal

Buzun E., Hsu C.Y., Sejane K., Oles E., R., Ayala A.V., Loomis L.R., Zhao J., Rossitto L.A., McGrosso D., Gonzales J.D., Bode L., Chu H.

  • 09 Aug. 2023
  • bioRxiv
  • https://Abacterialsialidasemediatesearlylifecolonizationbyapioneeringgutcommensal(biorxiv.org)

Lactation-associated Macrophages Exist in Murine Mammary Tissue and Human Milk

Cansever D., Petrova E., Krishnarajah S., Mussak C., Welsh C.A., Mildenberger W., Mulder K., Kreiner V., Roussel E., Stifter S. A., Andreadou M., Zwicky P., Puertas Jurado N., Rehrauer H., Tan G., Liu Z., Blériot C., Ronchi F., Macpherson A.J., Ginhoux F., Natalucci G., Becher B., Greter M.

  • 19 Juni. 2023
  • Nature Immunology
  • https://doi.org/10.1038/s41590-023-01530-0

Breastfeeding and the Obesity Pandemic

Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 18 Mai. 2023
  • The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ajcnut.2023.04.035

Feasibility Study of a Powder-Based Supplement Intervention for a futur Synbiotic Trial in Breastfed Children from South Africa

Shivakoti R., Laughton B., Shafiq M., Schoeman E., Glashoff H.R., Barnabas S., Fry S., Leu C-S., Bode L., Aldrovandi G., Kuhn L., Slogrove L.A.

  • 15 Mai. 2023
  • Research Square (preprint)
  • https://doi.org/10.21203/rs.3.rs-2842773/v1

Evidence for Human Milk as Biological System and Recommendations for Study Design - A Report from "Breastmilk Ecology: Genesis of Infant Nutrition (BEGIN)” Working Group 4

Donovan S.M., Aghaeepour N., Andres A., Azad M.B., Becker M., Carlson S.E., Järvinen K.M., Lin W., Lönnerdal B., Slupsky C.M., Steiber A.L., Raiten D.J.

  • 10 Mai. 2023
  • The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ajcnut.2022.12.021

The Influence of Oligosaccharides When Measuring Lactose and Total Carbohydrates in Human Milk and Comparison of Methods

McCune S., Khwajazada S., Yerabandi N., Bode L., Belfort M., Todd D., Perrin T.M.

  • 05 Mai. 2023
  • The Journal of Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tjnut.2023.05.004

Transfer of Antibiotics and Their Metabolites in Human Milk: Implications for Infant Health and Microbiota

Thomas P.S., Denizer E., Zuffa S., Best M.B., Bode L., Chamber D.C., Dorrestein C.P., Liu G.Y., Momper D.J, Nizet V., Tsunoda M.S., Tremoulet H.A.

  • 03 Mai. 2023
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • https://doi.org/10.1002/phar.2732

Summary of the Joint National Institutes of Health and the Fod and Drug Administration Workshop Titled "Exploring the Science Surrounding the Safe Use of Bioactive Ingredients in Infant Formula: Considerations for an Assessment Framework"

Danovan M.S., Abrams A.S., Azad B.M., Mandy B.B., Bode L., Carlson E.S., Dallas C.D., Hettinga K., Järvinen K., Kim H.J., Lebrilla B.C., McGuire K.M., Sela A.D., Neu J.

  • 25 Apr. 2023
  • The Journal of Pediatrics
  • https://10.1016/j.jpeds.2022.11.027

Consensus-Building during the Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly (BBF) Initiative in Samoa: A Qualitative Content Analysis

Daiy K., Arslanian K., Choy C., Manuele-Magele A., Soti-Ulberg C., Hromi-Fiedler A., Hawley N. Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 24 Apr. 2023
  • Plos Global Public Health
  • https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pgph.0001725

Impact of Low-Grade Intraventricular Hemorrage on Neurodevelopmental Outcome in Very Preterm Infants at Two Years of Age

Perisset A., Natalucci G., Adams M., Karen T., Bassler D., Hagmann C.

  • 17 Apr. 2023
  • Early Human Development
  • https://doi.org/10.1016/j.earlhumdev.2023.105721

Investigating Donor Human Milk Composition Globally to Develop Effective Strategies for the Nutritional Care of Preterm Infants: Study Protocol

Perrin T.M., Mansen K., Israel-Ballard K., Richter S., Bode L., Hampel D., Shahab-Ferdows S., Allen H.L., Maggio C.F., Njuguna E., Thi Tran H., Wesolowska A.

  • 05 Apr. 2023
  • Plos One
  • http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/pmc10075430/

transXpress: a Snakemake Pipeline for Streamlined De Novo Transcriptome Assembly and Annotation

Fallon T.R., Čalounová T., Mokrejš M. , Weng J., Pluskal T.

  • 04 Apr. 2023
  • BMC Bioinformatics
  • https://doi.org/10.1186/s12859-023-05254-8

Age-dependent Associations of Human Milk Oligosaccharides with Body Size and Composition up to 4 Years of Age

Mansell T., Furst A., O'Heley M., Chang M., Ponsonby AL., Vuillermin P., Tang L M., Burgner D., Saffery R., Bode L.

  • 20 Feb. 2023
  • The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ajcnut.2023.02.016

Emergence of a Proton Exchange-Based Isomerization and Lactonization Mechanism in the Plant Coumarin Synthase COSY

Colin Y. Kim 1,2, Andrew J. Mitchell1 , David W. Kastner 2,3, Claire E. Albright1 , Michael A. Gutierrez 1 , Christopher M. Glinkerman1 , Heather J. Kulik 3 & Jing-Ke Weng

  • 03 Feb. 2023
  • Nature Communications
  • https://doi.org/10.1038%2Fs41467-023-36299-1

Infant Regulation during the Pandemic: Associations with Maternal Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Well-being, and Socio-emotional Investment

Reinelt T., Suppiger D., Frey C., Oertel R., Natalucci G.

  • 28 Jan. 2023
  • Infancy
  • https://doi.org/10.1111/infa.12497

Human Milk Oligosaccharides and Infant Neurodevelopment: A Narrative Review

Berger K. P., Ong L.M., Bode L., Belfort B. M

  • 27 Jan. 2023
  • Nutrients
  • https://doi.org/10.3390/nu15030719

Human Milk Variation Is Shaped by Maternal Genetics and Impacts the Infant Gut Microbiome

Johnson E.K., Heisel T., Allert M., Fürst A., Yerabandi N., Knights D., Jacobs M.K., Lock F.E., Fields A.D., Rudolph C.M., Gale A.C., Albert W.F., Demerath W.E., Blekham R.

  • 25 Jan. 2023
  • bioRxiv
  • https://doi.org/10.1101/2023.01.24.525211

Correction to: Respiratory Morbidity in Preschool and School-Aged Children Born Very Preterm and Its Association with Parents' Health-Related Quality of Life and Family Functioning

Peralta P. G., Piatti R., Haile R. S., Adams M., Bassler D., Moeller A., Natalucci G., Kriemler S.

  • 24 Jan. 2023
  • European Journal of Pediatrics
  • https://doi.org/10.1007%2Fs00431-023-04829-0

Hormonal Regulation of Mammary Gland Development and Lactation

Hannan F., Elajnaf T., Vandenberg N.L., Kennedy H S., Thakker V. R.

  • 19 Jan. 2023
  • Nature Reviews Endocrinology
  • https://doi.org/10.1038/s41574-022-00742-y

The Becoming Breastfeedng Friendly Initative Experience in Great Britain

Pérez-Escamilla R., Dykes F., Kendall S.

  • 12 Jan. 2023
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1111/mcn.13339

Respiratory Morbidity in Preschool and School-age Children Born Very Preterm and Ist Association with Parents' Health-related Quality of Life and Family Functioning

Peralta P. G., Piatti R., Haile R. S., Adams M., Bassler D., Moeller A., Natalucci G., Kriemler S.

  • 06 Jan. 2023
  • European Journal of Pediatrics
  • https://doi.org/10.1007%2Fs00431-022-04783-3

Residential Green Environments Are Associated with Human Milk Oligosaccharide Diversity and Composition

Lahdenperä M., Galante L., Gonzales-Inca C., Vahtera J., Pentti J., Rautava S., Käyhkö N., Yonemitsu C., Gupta J, Bode L., Lagström H.

  • 05 Jan. 2023
  • Scientific Reports
  • https://Residentialgreenenvironmentsareassociatedwithhumanmilkoligosaccharidediversityandcomposition|ScientificReports(nature.com)

Mitigating Infectious Morbidity and Growth Deficits in HIV-Exposed Uninfected Infants with Human Milk Oligosaccharide (MIGHT-T MO): a Randomised Trial Protocol

Shivakoti R., Slogrove L.A., Laughton B., Shafiq M., Schoeman E., Glashoff H.R., Leu C-S, Wang S., Bode L., Aldrovandi G., Kuhn L.

  • 30 Dez. 2022
  • BMJ Open
  • MitigatingInfectiousmorbidityandGrowthdeficitsinHIV-exposeduninfectedinfanTswithhumanMilkOligosaccharide(MIGH-TMO):arandomisedtrialprotocol|BMJOpen

Breastfeeding Enrichment of B.longum subsp.infantis Mitigates the Effect of Antibiotics on the Microbiota and Childhood Asthma Risk

Dai L Y D., Petersen C., Hoskinson C., Del Bel L K., Becker B A., Moraes J T., Mandhane J P., Finlay B B., Simons E., Kozyrskyi L A., Patrick M D., Subbarao P., Bode L., Azad B M., Turvey E. S.

  • 29 Dez. 2022
  • Cell
  • https://doi.org/10.1016/j.medj.2022.12.002

Chatacterization of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in Human Milk from 21 Women with Confirmed COVID-19 Infection

Bode L., Bertrand K., Najera J. A., Furst A., Honerkamp-Smith G., Shandling A. D., Chambers C., Camerini D., Campo J. J.

  • 25 Nov. 2022
  • BMC Pediatrics
  • https://CharacterizationofSARS-CoV-2antibodiesinhumanmilkfrom21womenwithconfirmedCOVID-19infection|PediatricResearch(nature.com)

Scaling Up Breastfeeding in England Through the Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative (BBF)

Merritt R., Kendall S., Eida T., Dykes F., Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 04 Nov. 2022
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1111/mcn.13443

Stability of Human Milk Oligosaccharide Concentrations Over One Week of Lactation and Over Six Hours Following a Standard Meal

Berger PK., Hampson HE., Schmidt KA., Alderete TL., Furst A.,, Yonemitsu C., Demerath E., Goran ML., Fields DA., Bode L.

  • 16 Sept. 2022
  • The Journal of Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1093/jn/nxac214

Protocol for an Observational Study Investigating Hormones Triggering the Onset of Sustained Lactation: the INSIGHT Study

Rostom H., Meng X., Price H., Fry A., Elajnaf T., Humphrey R., Guhan N., James T., Kennedy H.S., Hannan M.F.

  • 30 Aug. 2022
  • BMJ Open
  • https://doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2022-062478

Microbial Antigen in Human Milk: a Natural Vaccine?

van der Elsen L. W. J., Kollmann R. T., Verhasselt V.

  • 27 Aug. 2022
  • Mucosal Immunology
  • https://doi.org/10.1038/s41385-022-00561-4

No Evidence That Siblings' Gender Affects Personality Across Nine Countries

Dudek T., Brenøe A.A., Feld J., Rohrer J.M.

  • 23 Aug. 2022
  • Psychological Science
  • https://doi.org/10.1177/09567976221094630

Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly in Great Britain - Does Implementation Science work?

Sally Kendall, Rowena Merritt, Tamsyn Eida, Rafal Pérez-Escamilla

  • 19 Juli. 2022
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1111/mcn.13393

The Role of Human Milk Lipis and Lipid Metabolites in Protecting the Infant against Non-Communicable Disease

George D. A., Satvika Burugupalli S., Paul S., Mansell T., Burgner D., Meikle P.

  • 06 Juli. 2022
  • International Journal of Molecular Sciences
  • https://doi.org/10.3390/ijms23147490

Fructoligosaccharides Are Not the Same as Fucosylated Human Milk Oligosaccharides

Bode L., Donavan S.

  • 01 Juni. 2022
  • Advances in Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1093/advances/nmac033

Maternal Diet Is Associated with Human Milk Oligosaccharide Profile

Selma-Royo M., Gonzalez S., Gueimonde M., Chang M., Fürst A., Martinez-Costa C., Bode L., Collado M. C.

  • 25 Mai. 2022
  • Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
  • https://doi.org/10.1002/mnfr.202200058

House Dust Mite Exposure Through Human Milk and Dust: What Matters for Child Allergy Risk?

Macchiaverni P., Gehring U., Rekima A., Wijga A., Verhasselt V.

  • 17 Mai. 2022
  • Nutrients
  • https://doi.org/10.3390/nu14102095

When Context Calls: EFBRI - An Evolving Ethical Framework Informing Breastfeeding Research and Interventions

Hefti M., Vinay R.

  • 16 Mai. 2022
  • Journal of Medical Ethics Blog
  • https://Whencontextcalls:EFBRI–AnEvolvingEthicalFrameworkInformingBreastfeedingResearchandInterventions-JournalofMedicalEthicsblog(bmj.com)

Elucidating Human Milk Oligosaccharide Biosynthetic Genes Through Network-Based Multiomics Integration

Kellman B., Richelle A., Yan J. Y., Chapla D., Chiang A., Najera J., Liang C., Fürst A., Bao B., Koga N., Mohammad M., Bech Bruntse A., Haymond M., Moremen K., Bode L., Lewis N.

  • 04 Mai. 2022
  • Nature Communications
  • https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-022-29867-4

Associations Between Maternal Obesity and Offspring Gut Microbiome in the First Year of Life

Gilley S., Ruebel M., Sims C., Zhong Y., Turner D., Lan R., Pack L., Piccolo B., Chintapalli S., Abraham A., Bode L., Andres A., Shankar K.

  • 27 Apr. 2022
  • Pediatric Obesity
  • https://doi.org/10.1111/ijpo.12921

The Impact of Maternal Asthma on the Preterm Infants' Gut Metabolome and Microbiome (MAP Study)

Bai-Tong S., Thoemmes M., Weldon K., Matazavi D., Kitsen J., Hansen S., Furst A., Geng B., Song S. J., Gilbert J., Bode L., Dorrestein P., Knight R., Leibel S., Leibel S.

  • 19 Apr. 2022
  • Scientific Reports
  • https://dx.doi.org/10.1038%2Fs41598-022-10276-y

Human Milk: From Complex Tailored Nutrition to Bioactive Impact on Child Cognition and Behaviour

de Weerth C., Aatsinki A. K., Azad M., Bartol F., Bode L., Callado M. C., Dettmer A., Field C., Guilfoyle M., Hinde K., Korosi A., Lustermans H., Shukri N. H., Moore S., Pundir S., Rodriquez J. M, Slupsky C., Turner S., Van Goudoever J., ZIomkiewicz A., Beijers R.

  • 30 März. 2022
  • Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1080/10408398.2022.2053058

A Cross-Sectional Assessment of Human Milk Oligosaccharide Composition of Vegan, Vegetarian, and Nonvegetarian Mothers

Neville J., Pawlak R., Chang M., Furst A., Bode L., Berrin M.

  • 16 März. 2022
  • Breastfeeding Medicine
  • https://doi.org/10.1089/bfm.2021.0259

Gearing to Success with National Breastfeeding Programmes: The Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly (BBF) Initative Experience

Pérez-Escamilla R., Dykes F., Kendall S.

  • 07 März. 2022
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1111/mcn.13339

Human Milk Oligosaccharides and Bacterial Profile Modulate Infant Body Composition During Exclusive Breastfeeding

Cheema A., Gridneva Z., Furst A., Roman A., Trevenen M., Turlach B., Lai C. T., Stinson L., Bode L., Paynee M., Geddes D.

  • 05 März. 2022
  • International Journal of Molecular Sciences
  • https://IJMS|FreeFull-Text|HumanMilkOligosaccharidesandBacterialProfileModulateInfantBodyCompositionduringExclusiveBreastfeeding(mdpi.com)

Exclusively Breastfed Infant Microbiota Develops Over Time and Is Associated with Human Milk Oligosaccharide Intakes

Cheema A. S., Trevenen M. L., Turlach B., Furst A., Roman A., Bode L., Gridneva Z., Lai C. T., Stinson L., Payne M., Geddes D.

  • 03 März. 2022
  • International Journal of Molecular Sciences
  • https://IJMS|FreeFull-Text|ExclusivelyBreastfedInfantMicrobiotaDevelopsoverTimeandIsAssociatedwithHumanMilkOligosaccharideIntakes(mdpi.com)

Implementation of Breastfeeding Policies at Workplace in Mexico: Analysis of Context Using a Realist Approach

Hernandez-Cordero S., Vilar-Compte M., Litwan K., Lara-Mejica V., Rovelo-Velazquez N., Ancira-Moreno M., Sachse-Aguilera M., Cobo-Armijo F.

  • 17 Feb. 2022
  • International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
  • https://IJERPH|FreeFull-Text|ImplementationofBreastfeedingPoliciesatWorkplaceinMexico:AnalysisofContextUsingaRealistApproach(mdpi.com)

Estimating the Costs for Implementing a Maternity Leave Cash Transfer Program for Women Employed in the Formal Sector in Brazil and Ghana

Carroll G., Vilar-Compte M., Teruel G., Moncada M., Aban-Tamayo D., Werneck H., Montes de Moraes R., Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 12 Feb. 2022
  • International Journal for Equity in Health
  • https://EstimatingthecostsforimplementingamaternityleavecashtransferprogramforwomenemployedintheinformalsectorinBrazilandGhana|InternationalJournalforEquityinHealth|FullText(biomedcentral.com)

Pregnancy Body Mass Index Is Associated with Time-Dependent Changes in Secretory Activation Measures During the First 7 Days Postpartum in Breast-Pump-Dependent Mothers of Premature Infants

Medina Poeliniz C., Hoban R., Schoeny M., Engstrom J., Patel A., Meier P.

  • 11 Feb. 2022
  • Breastfeeding Medicine
  • https://doi.org/10.1089/bfm.2021.0167

Transcriptional Changes in the Mammary Gland During Lactation Revealed by Single Cell Sequencing of Cells From Human Milk

Twigger A. J., Engelbrecht L. K., Bach K., Schutz-Pernice I., Pensa S., Stenning J., Petricca S., Scheel C. H., Khaled W. T.

  • 28 Jan. 2022
  • Nature Communications
  • Transcriptionalchangesinthemammaryglandduringlactationrevealedbysinglecellsequencingofcellsfromhumanmilk|NatureCommunications

Interactions Between Human Milk Oligosaccharides, Microbiota and Immune Factors in Milk of Women With and Without Mastitis

Castro I., Garcia-Carral C., Furst A., Khwajazada S., Garcia J., Arroyo R., Ruiz L., Rodriguez J., Bode L., Fernandez L.

  • 25 Jan. 2022
  • Scientific Reports
  • https://dx.doi.org/10.1038%2Fs41598-022-05250-7

Environmental Determinants of Human Milk Composition in Relation to Health Outcomes

Gridneva Z., George A., Suwaydi M., Sindi A., Jie M., Stinson L., Geddes D.

  • 20 Jan. 2022
  • Acta Paediatrica
  • https://doi.org/10.1111/apa.16263

Environmental determinants of human milk composition in relation to health outcomes (1)

Gridneva, Z., George D.A., Suwaydi A.M., Sindi S.A., Jie M., Stinson F.L., Geddes, T.D

  • 20 Jan. 2022
  • Acta Paediatrica
  • https://doi.org/10.1111/apa.16263

No Infectious SARS-CoV-2 in Breast Milk From a Cohort of 110 Lactating Women

Krogstat P., Contreras D., Ng H., Tobin N., Chambers C. D., Bertrand K., Bode L., Aldrovandi G.

  • 19 Jan. 2022
  • Nature, Pediatric Research
  • https://doi.org/10.1038/s41390-021-01902-y

Use of Portable Point-of-Care Instrumentation to Measure Human Milk Sodium and Potassium Concentrations

Esquerra-Zwiers A., Vroom A., Geddes D., Lai C. T.

  • 17 Jan. 2022
  • Breastfeeding Medicine
  • https://doi.org/10.1089/bfm.2021.0046

Implementing the Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative in Scotland

McFadden A., Kendall S., Eida T.

  • 11 Jan. 2022
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1111/mcn.13304

Human Milk Oligosaccharides Reduce Murine Group B Streptococcus Vaginal Colonization with Minimal Impact on the Vaginal Microbiota

Mejia M. E., Ottinger S., Vrbanac A., Babu P., Zulk J. J., Moorshead D., Bode L., Nizet V., Patras K. A.

  • 05 Jan. 2022
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Effect of Maternal Nutritional Status and Mode of Delivery on Zinc and Iron Stores at Birth

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Breast Milk and Immunity

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Delivering Health Interventions to Women, Children, and Adolescents in Conflict Settings: What Have We Learned From 10 Country Case Studies?

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Mother's Own Milk Biomarkers Predict Coming to Volume in Pump-Dependent Mothers of Preterm Infants

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Analysis of Stakeholder Networks for Breastfeeding Policies and Programs in Ghana

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Prevention of Allergy to a Major Cow's Milk Allergen by Breastfeeding in Mice Depends on Maternal Immune Status and Oral Exposure During Lactation.

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Breastfeeding Promotion on Twitter: A Social Network and Content Analysis Approach

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House Dust Mites: Does a Clean Mattress Mean Der p 1‐Free Breastmilk?

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Wenn die Krise die Krise überschattet – Demenz in Zeiten von Lockdown und Unsicherheit


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A Systematic Review of Costing Studies for Implementing and Scaling-up Breastfeeding Interventions: What Do We Know and What Are the Gaps?

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Distance, Diffusion, and the Role of Social Media in a Time of COVID Contagion

Moukarzel S., del Fresno M., Bode L., Daly A. J.

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Looking to Human Milk for New Answers: MOMI CORE Breastfeeding and COVID-19

Bode L.

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Distance, Diffusion and the Role of Social Media in a Time of COVID Contagion

Moukarzel S., del Fresno M., Bode L., Daly A. J.

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Delivering Infectious Disease Interventions to Women and Children in Conflict Settings: A Systematic Review

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Delivering Trauma and Rehabilitation Interventions to Women and Children in Conflict Settings: A Systematic Review

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SARS-CoV-2 and Human Milk: What Is the Evidence?

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Evaluation of Laboratory Methods for Measuring the Composition of Breastmilk

Hannan F.

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Breastfeeding, a Personalized Medicine with Influence on Short- and Long-Term Immune Health

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Coronavirus and Breastfeeding - UWA Researchers Clarify the Facts

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Coronavirus and Breastfeeding: Researchers Clarify the Facts

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‘No Evidence’ of Virus Transmission Through Breastfeeding

Rifici V.

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Measures of Secretory Activation for Research and Practice: An Intgrative Review

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Understanding the Mother-Breastmilk-Infant “Triad”

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Short Chain Fatty Acids Produced by Colonizing Intestinal Commensal Bacterial Interaction with Expressed Breast Milk Are Anti-Inflammatory in Human Immature Enterocytes

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A Systematic Rview of Costing Studies for Implementing and Scaling-up Breastfeeding Interventions: What Do We Know and What Are the Gaps?

Carroll G., Safon C., Buccini G., Vilar-Compte M., Teruel G., Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 19 Feb. 2020
  • Health Policy and Planning
  • https://academic.oup.com/heapol/advance-article/doi/10.1093/heapol/czaa005/5740614

Development of LactaPedia: A Lactation Glossary for Science and Medicine

Boss M., Hartmann P., Turner J., Pritchard D., Pérez-Escamilla R., Clifford R.

  • 07 Feb. 2020
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
  • https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/mcn.12969

Development of LactaPedia: A Lactation Glossary for Science and Medicine (1)

Boss M., Hartmann P., Turner J., Pritchard D., Perez-Escamilla R., Clifford R.

  • 07 Feb. 2020
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
  • https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/mcn.12969

A Qualitative Examination of Barriers Against Effective Medical Education and Practices Related to Breastfeeding Promotion and Support in Lebanon

Moukarzel S., Mamas C., Farhat A., Abi Abboud A., Daly A. J.

  • 04 Feb. 2020
  • Medical Education Online
  • https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10872981.2020.1723950

Becky, MoH Endorse Oxford Varsity Preterm Programme

Agyeman-Duah J.

  • 28 Jan. 2020
  • DailyGuide Network
  • https://dailyguidenetwork.com/becky-moh-endorse-oxford-varsity-preterm-programme/

A Role for Early Oral Exposure to House Dust Mite Allergens Through Breast Milk in IgE-Mediated Food Allergy Susceptibility

Rekima A., Bonnart C., Macchiaverni P., Metcalfe J., Tulic M. K., Halloin N., Rekima S., Genuneit J., Zanelli S., Medeiros S., Palmer D. J., Prescott S., Verhasselt V.

  • 17 Jan. 2020
  • The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
  • https://www.jacionline.org/article/S0091-6749%2820%2930035-X/abstract

Indole-3-Lactic Acid, a Metabolite of Tryptophan, Secreted by Bifidobacterium Longum Subspecies Infantis Is Anti-Inflammatory in the Immature Intestine

Meng D., Sommella E., Salviati E., Campiglia P., Ganguli K., Djebali K., Zhu W., Allan Walker W.

  • 16 Jan. 2020
  • Pediatric Research - Nature
  • https://www.nature.com/articles/s41390-019-0740-x

Study Reveals Breastfeeding Could Protect Babies From Malaria

Verhasselt V., Stacey D.

  • 08 Jan. 2020
  • University News
  • http://www.news.uwa.edu.au/2020010711806/research/study-reveals-breastfeeding-could-protect-babies-malaria

Malaria Antigen Shedding in the Breast Milk of Mothers From a Region with Endemic Malaria

van den Elsen L.W.J., Verhasselt V., Egwang T.

  • 06 Jan. 2020
  • JAMA Pediatrics
  • https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/2758101

Morphological Analysis of Human Milk Membrane Enclosed Structures Reveals Diverse Cells and Cell-Like Milk Fat Globules

Schultz-Pernice I., Engelbrecht L., Petricca S., Scheel C., Twigger A. J.

  • 04 Jan. 2020
  • Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and neoplasia
  • https://doi.org/10.1007/s10911-020-09472-1

Breastfeed4Ghana: Design and Evaluation of an Innovative Social Media Campaign

Harding K., Aryeetey R., Carroll G., Lasisi O., Pérez-Escamilla R., Young M.

  • 22 Dez. 2019
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
  • https://doi.org/10.1111/mcn.12909

Probing the Health Molecules of Plants: The Weng Lab at Whitehead Institute

  • 16 Dez. 2019
  • Youtube
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIYqVjYCUcE&t=980s

Content Analysis of Media Coverage of Breastfeeding in Mexico

Ferré‐Eguiluz I., Buccini G., Hromi‐Fiedler A., Rovelo N., González de Cosío T., Pérez‐Escamilla‐Costas J. R., Pérez‐Escamilla‐González, J. R., Pérez‐Escamilla R.

  • 15 Dez. 2019
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
  • https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/mcn.12905

Ovalbumin in Breast Milk Is Associated with a Decreased Risk of IgE-Mediated Egg Allergy in Children.

Verhasselt V., Genuneit J., Metcalfe J. R., Tulic M. K., Rekima A., Palmer D. J., Prescott S. L.

  • 06 Dez. 2019
  • Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
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Breastmilk Lipids and Oligosaccharides Influence Branched Short-Chain Fatty Acid Concentrations in Infants with Excessive Weight Gain

Tugba Pekmez C., Wange Larsson M., Lind M. V., Vazquez Manjarrez N., Yonemitsu C., Larnkjar A., Bode L., Molgaard C., Michaelsen K. F., Dragsted L. O.

  • 04 Dez. 2019
  • Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
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Effect of Co-Trimoxazole Prophylaxis on Morbidity and Mortality of HIV-Exposed, HIV-Uninfected Infants in South Africa: A Randomised Controlled, Non-Inferiority Trial

Daniels B., Coutsoudis A., Moodley-Govender E., Mulol H., Spooner E., Kiepiela P., Reddy S., Zako L., Ho N., Kuhn L., Ramjee G.

  • 01 Dez. 2019
  • The Lancet Global Health
  • https://www.thelancet.com/journals/langlo/article/PIIS2214-109X(19)30422-X/fulltext

LactaMap, an Online Lactation Care Support System

Boss M.

  • 16 Nov. 2019
  • Infant Journal
  • http://www.infantjournal.co.uk/journal_article.html?RecordNumber=7110

Engineering New Branches of the Kynurenine Pathway To Produce Oxo-(2-Aminophenyl) and Quinoline Scaffolds in Yeast

Torrens-Spence M. P., Liu C., Weng J.

  • 12 Nov. 2019
  • ACS Synthetic Biology
  • https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acssynbio.9b00368#

Four Dissemination Pathways for a Social Media-Based Breastfeeding Campaign: Evaluation of the Impact on Key Performance Indicators

Harding K., Pérez-Escamilla R., Carrol G., Aryeetey R., Lasisi O.

  • 26 Sept. 2019
  • JMIR Nursin
  • https://doi.org/10.2196/14589

The Developmentally Regulated Fetal Eterocyte Gene, ZP4, Mediates Anti-Inflammation by the Symbiotic Bacterial Surface Factor Polysaccharide A on Bacteroides Fragilis

Gorreja F., Rush S., Kasper D.L., Meng D., Allan Walker W.

  • 24 Sept. 2019
  • American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology
  • https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31314571/



  • 19 Sept. 2019
  • Luzern Zeitung
  • https://www.luzernerzeitung.ch/zentralschweiz/zug/preisverleihung-von-alzheimer-zug-eine-bescheidene-heldin-des-alltags-ld.1153567

Exploration of Responsive Feeding During Breastfeeding Versus Bottle Feeding of Human Milk: A Within-Subject Pilot Study

Whitfield K., Ventura A.

  • 14 Sept. 2019
  • Breastfeeding Medicine
  • https://doi.org/10.1089/bfm.2019.0069

Australian Researchers Develop Evidence-Based Online Tool to Support Breastfeeding

  • 11 Sept. 2019
  • Reproductive Health Australia
  • https://www.reproductivehealthaustralia.org.au/2019/09/11/australian-researchers-develop-evidence-based-online-tool-to-support-breastfeeding/

Exploring the Latitude of Attitude: Intentions to Breastfeed Among Adolescents in Lebanese Schools

Moukarzel S., Abou Jaoudeh M., Farhat A., Saade M., Mamas C., Daly A. J.

  • 04 Sept. 2019
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
  • https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/mcn.12888

Independent Evolution of Rosmarinic Acid Biosynthesis in Two Sister Families Under the Lamiids Clade of Flowering Plants

Levsh O., Pluskal T., Carballo V., Mitchell A. J., Weng J.

  • 03 Sept. 2019
  • Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • https://www.jbc.org/content/294/42/15193.abstract

MIT Scientists Synthesize the Feel-Good Molecules in Kava, 'Nature's Xanax'

Goldberg C.

  • 02 Aug. 2019
  • WBUR
  • https://www.wbur.org/commonhealth/2019/08/02/mit-scientists-kava-whitehead-kavalactones

Uncovering the Riches of Traditional Global Medicine

Friar G.

  • 23 Juli. 2019
  • MIT News
  • http://news.mit.edu/2019/uncovering-riches-traditional-global-medicine-kava-0723

The Biosynthetic Origin of Psychoactive Kavalactones in Kava

Pluskal T., Torrens-Spence M. P., Fallon T. R., De Abreu A., Shi C. H., Weng J.

  • 22 Juli. 2019
  • Nature Plants
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Repeated Evolution of Cytochrome P450-Mediated Spiroketal Steroid Biosynthesis in Plants

Christ B., Xu C., Xu M., Li F., Wada N., Mitchell A. J., Han X., Wen M., Fujita M., Wenig J.

  • 19 Juli. 2019
  • Nature Communications
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Costing a Maternity Leave Cash Transfer to Support Breastfeeding Among Informally Employed Mexican Women

Vilar-Compte M., Teruel G., Flores D., Carroll G., Buccini G., Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 15 Juli. 2019
  • Food and Nutrition Bulletin
  • https://doi.org/10.1177/0379572119836582

Scaling up Breastfeeding in Myanmar Through the Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative

Than M. K., Nyi S. N., Hlaing L. M., Mar S. L., Thwin T., Cashin J., Pérez-Escamilla R., Harding K. L.

  • 12 Juli. 2019
  • Current Developments in Nutrition
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Tuteur Push Back: Minchin Review

Minchin M.

  • 01 Juli. 2019
  • Infant Feeding Matters
  • https://infantfeedingmatters.com/tuteur-push-back-minchin-review/

Editorial: Human Milk Composition and Health Outcomes in Children

Munbilt D., Verhasselt V., Warner J.

  • 30 Juni. 2019
  • Frontiers in Pediatrics
  • https://doi.org/10.3389/fped.2019.00319

Endocannabinoid Metabolome Characterization of Milk From Guetemalan Women Living in the Western Highlands

Gaitan A. V., Wood J. A., Solomons N., Donohue J., Ji L., LiuY., Nikas S., Zhang F., Allen L., Makriyannis A., Lammi-Keefe C.

  • 06 Juni. 2019
  • Current Developments in Nutrition
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Human Milk Biomarkers of Secretory Activation in Breast Pump-Dependent Mothers of Premature Infants

Hoban R., Patel A., Medina Poeliniz C., Lai C. T., Janes J., Geddes D., Meier P.

  • 01 Juni. 2019
  • Breastfeeding Medicine
  • https://doi.org/10.1089/bfm.2017.0183

Helping Mums Breastfeed

  • 06 Mai. 2019
  • https://issuu.com/medical-forum-magazine/docs/medical_forum_wa_0519_public_edn

Lactation Care Support System

  • 09 Apr. 2019
  • WA Health Networks Bulletin
  • https://us14.campaign-archive.com/?u=8ec8704499f9955107930f649&id=3748fca024

Step-by-Step Guide to Ease Breastfeeding Woes

Nelson F.

  • 08 Apr. 2019
  • Medical Republic
  • http://medicalrepublic.com.au/step-step-guide-ease-breastfeeding-woes/20273

World-First Online Lactation Care Support System Unveiled

  • 05 Apr. 2019
  • Clinical Services Journal
  • https://www.clinicalservicesjournal.com/story/28905/world-first-online-lactation-care-support-system-unveiled

Free Online Breastfeeding Support Service to Help GPs Advise Mothers Who Are Having Problems Is Unveiled

Gittens G.

  • 04 Apr. 2019
  • Independent.ie
  • https://www.independent.ie/life/family/mothers-babies/free-online-breastfeeding-support-service-to-help-gps-advise-mothers-who-are-having-problems-is-unveiled-37983931.html

Free Online Breastfeeding Support Service to Help GPs Advise Mothers Who Are Having Problems Is Unveiled (1)

  • 04 Apr. 2019
  • Europe Breaking News
  • https://www.europebreakingnews.net/2019/04/free-online-breastfeeding-support-service-to-help-gps-advise-mothers-who-are-having-problems-is-unveiled/

World-First Online Breastfeeding Care Support System Unveiled in the UK at International Lactation Conference

  • 02 Apr. 2019
  • Response Source Press Release Wire
  • https://pressreleases.responsesource.com/news/97450/world-first-online-breastfeeding-care-support-system-unveiled-in-the-uk/

Online ‘Map’ to Support Breastfeeding Mums

Woodley M.

  • 29 März. 2019
  • newsGP
  • https://www1.racgp.org.au/newsgp/clinical/online-‘map’-to-support-breastfeeding-mums

The Science Behind Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • 23 März. 2019
  • Youtube
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX369fVKWOw&feature=emb_title

Seit 2016 im Dienste der kranken Mitmenschen


  • 21 März. 2019
  • Zuger Zeitung
  • http://www.amnesia-zug.ch/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Amnesia.pdf



  • 14 März. 2019
  • http://www.amnesia-zug.ch/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Pressemitteilung_2019_03_14.pdf

Protecting Women and Children in Conflict Settings.

Bhutta Z. A., Gaffey M. F., Blanchet K., Waldman R., Abbasi K.

  • 12 März. 2019
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Shaping the Gut Microbiota by Breastfeeding: The Gateway to Allergy Prevention?

Lieke W., van den Elsen L.W.J., Garssen J., Burcelin R., Verhasselt V.

  • 27 Feb. 2019
  • Frontiers in Pediatrics
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Unleashing the Synthetic Power of Plant Oxygenases: From Mechanism to Application

Mitchell A. J., Weng J.

  • 26 Feb. 2019
  • Plant Physiology
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Evidence of Human Milk Oligosaccharides in Maternal Circulation Already During Pregnancy: A Pilot Study

Jantscher-Krenn E., Aigner J., Reiter B., Köfeler H., Csapo B., Desoye G., Bode L., van Poppel M.

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Reply (to Works From Sanchez-Borges et al. Work About House Dust Mites.)

Macchiaverni P., Baiz N., Rekima A., Annesi-Maesano I., Verhasselt V.

  • 01 Feb. 2019
  • Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
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Factors Influencing the Implementation of the Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative in Ghana

Carroll G., Atuobi-Yeboah A., Hromi-Fiedler A., Aryeetey R., Safon C., Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 21 Jan. 2019
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
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Online-Glossar LactaPedia: Konsistente Sprache zu Stillen und Muttermilch (Online Glossary LactaPedia: Consistent Language on Breastfeeding and Breast Milk)

  • 15 Jan. 2019
  • Gesund ins Leben
  • https://www.gesund-ins-leben.de/inhalt/online-glossar-lactapedia-31239.html

Getting Schooled: Teachers’ Views on School-Based Breastfeeding Education in Lebanon

Moukarzel S., Mamas C., Farhat A., Daly A. J.

  • 08 Jan. 2019
  • International Breastfeeding Journal
  • https://internationalbreastfeedingjournal.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13006-019-0199-8

How Does “Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly” Work? A Programme Impact Pathways Analysis

Buccini G., Harding K. L., Hromi-Fiedler A., Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 07 Dez. 2018
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
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Human Milk Oligosaccharides in the Prevention of Necrotizing Enterocolitis: A Journey From in Vitro and in Vivo Models to Mother-Infant Cohort Studies

Bode L.

  • 04 Dez. 2018
  • Frontiers in Pediatrics
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Monoamine Biosynthesis via a Noncanonical Calcium-Activatable Aromatic Amino Acid Decarboxylase in Psilocybin Mushroom

Torrens-Spence M. P., Liu C., Pluskal T., Chung Y. K., Weng J.

  • 28 Nov. 2018
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Human Milk Oligosaccharides, Milk Microbiome and Infant Gut Microbiome Modulate Neonatal Rotavirus Infection

Ramani S., Stewart C. J., Laucirica D. R., Ajami N. J., Robertson B., Autran C. A., Shinge D., Rani S., Anandan S., Hu L., Ferreon J. C., Kuruvilla K. A., Petrosino J. F., Venkataram Prasad B. V., Bode L., Kang G., Estes M. K.

  • 27 Nov. 2018
  • Nature Communications
  • https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-07476-4

Ein gutes Gedächtnis wird belohnt


  • 21 Nov. 2018
  • Zuger Woche
  • http://www.amnesia-zug.ch/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/21_11_2018_ZW_33_6a26c75d6a.pdf

"AMNESIA Zug" auf Kurs


  • 21 Nov. 2018
  • Zuger Zeitung
  • https://www.amnesia-zug.ch/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/amnesia.pdf

Gene-Guided Discovery and Engineering of Branched Cyclic Peptides in Plants

Kersten R. D., Weng J.

  • 13 Nov. 2018
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States - PNAS
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Heart-Healthy Plant Chemistry

Friar G.

  • 29 Okt. 2018
  • Whitehead Institute
  • http://wi.mit.edu/news/archive/2018/heart-healthy-plant-chemistry

A Case Study on Breastfeeding Education in Lebanon’s Public Medical School: Exploring the Potential Role of Social Networks in Medical Education

Moukarzel S., Mamas C., Warstadt M. F., Bode L., Farhat A., Abi Abboud A., Daly A. J.

  • 09 Okt. 2018
  • Medical Education Online
  • https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10872981.2018.1527629

A Case Study on Breastfeeding Education in Lebanon’s Public Medical School: Exploring the Potential Role of Social Networks in Medical Education (1)

Moukarzel S., Mamas C., Warstadt M. F., Bode L., Farhat A., Abi Abbou A., Daly A. J.

  • 09 Okt. 2018
  • Medical Education Online
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Infants Are Exposed to Human Milk Oligosaccharides Already in Utero

Wise A., Robertson B., Choudhury B., Rautava S., Isolauri E., Salminen S., Bode L.

  • 02 Okt. 2018
  • Frontiers in Pediatrics
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Human Milk Oligosaccharide Concentrations Are Associated with Multiple Fixed and Modifiable Maternal Characteristics, Environmental Factors, and Feeding Practices

Azad M. B., Robertson B., Atakora F., Becker A. B., Subbarao P., Moraes T. J., Mandhane P. J., Turvey S. T., Lefebvre D. L., Sears M. R., Bode L.

  • 22 Sept. 2018
  • The Journal of Nutrition
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Development and Pretesting of “Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly”: Empowering Governments for Global Scaling up of Breastfeeding Programmes

Hromi-Fiedler A. J., Dos Santos Buccini G., Gubert M. B., Doucet K., Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 13 Sept. 2018
  • Maternal & Child Nutrition
  • https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/mcn.12659

Perspective: What Will It Cost to Scale-up Breastfeeding Programs? A Comparison of Current Global Costing Methodologies

Carroll G. J., Buccini G. S., Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 01 Sept. 2018
  • Advances in Nutrition
  • https://academic.oup.com/advances/article/9/5/572/5060538

LactaPedia: Un nouveau glossaire pour la lactation

  • 21 Aug. 2018
  • Schweizerischer Hebammenverband
  • https://www.hebamme.ch/actualités/lactapedia-un-nouveau-glossaire-pour-la-lactation/?lang=fr

Can “Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly” Impact Breastfeeding Protection, Promotion, and Support in Mexico? A Qualitative Study

Safon C., Buccini G., Ferré I., de Cosío T. G., Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 15 Aug. 2018
  • Food and Nutrition Bulletin
  • https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/0379572118789772

LactaPedia Takes the Guesswork Out of Breastfeeding

  • 01 Aug. 2018
  • University of Western Australia
  • http://www.news.uwa.edu.au/2018080110829/international/lactapedia-takes-guesswork-out-breastfeeding

Das internationale Forschungsvorhaben Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly. Untersuchung von Rahmenbedingungen zur Stillförderung

Flothkötter M., Kunath J., Lücke S., Reiss K., Menzel J., Weikert C.

  • 16 Juli. 2018
  • Bundesgesundheitsblatt Gesundheitsforschung Gesundheitsschutz
  • https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00103-018-2784-1

Pilot Testing of the Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly Toolbox in Ghana

Aryeetey R., Hromi-Fiedler A., Adu-Afarwuah S., Amoaful E., Ampah G., Gatiba M., Kwakye A., Otoo G., Plange-Rhule G., Sagoe-Moses I., Selenje L., Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 11 Juli. 2018
  • International Breastfeeding Journal
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Human Milk Oligosaccharide Profiles and Food Sensitization Among Infants in the CHILD Study

Miliku K., Robertson B., Sharma A. K., Subbarao P., Becker A. B., Mandhane P. J., Turvey S. E., Lefebvre D. L., Sears M. R. the CHILD Study Investigators Bode L., Azad M. B.

  • 18 Mai. 2018
  • Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
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Scaling up Breastfeeding Programs in Mexico: Lessons Learned From the Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative

González de Cosío T., Ferré I., Mazariegos M., Pérez-Escamilla R.

  • 25 Apr. 2018
  • Current Developments in Nutrition
  • https://oxfordjournals.altmetric.com/details/39414584

AMNESIA-Zug: Was tun, wenn die Vergesslichkeit zunimmt


  • 14 März. 2018
  • Zuger Woche
  • https://www.amnesia-zug.ch/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/2018_03_14_AMNESIA-Koordinationskonferenz_Zuger-Woche.pdf

Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly Index: Development and Application for Scaling‐up Breastfeeding Programmes Globally

Pérez‐Escamilla R., Hromi‐Fiedler A. J., Bauermann Gubert M., Doucet K., Meyers S., dos Santos Buccini G.

  • 22 Feb. 2018
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Monitoring the Postnatal Growth of Preterm Infants: A Paradigm Change

Villar J., Giuliani F., Barros F., Roggero P., Coronado Zarco I. A., Rego M. A. S., Ochieng R., Gianni M. L., Rao S., Lambert A., Ryumina I., Britto C., Chawla D., Cheikh Ismail L., Ali S. R., Hirst J., Singh Teji J., Abawi K., Asibey J., Agyeman-Duah J., McCormick K., Bertino E., Papageorghiou A. T., Figueras-Aloy J., Bhutta Z., Kennedy S.

  • 01 Feb. 2018
  • Pediatrics
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Natural Product Modulators of Human Sensations and Mood: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Potential

Pluskal T., Weng J.

  • 21 Sept. 2017
  • Chemical Society Reviews
  • https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2018/CS/C7CS00411G#!divAbstract

Advances in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine: Single-Cell Dynamics, New Models and Translational Perspectives

Twigger A. J., Scheel C.

  • 11 Sept. 2017
  • The Company of Biologists
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Human Milk Oligosaccharides Inhibit Growth of Group B Streptococcus

Lin A. E., Autran C. A., Szyszka A., Escajadillo T., Huang M., Godula K., Prudden A. R., Boons G. J., Lewis A. L., Doran K. S., Nizet V., Bode L.

  • 07 Juli. 2017
  • The Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5500792/

Projekt erfolgreich gestartet


  • 30 März. 2017
  • Zuger Zeitung
  • https://www.amnesia-zug.ch/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/ZugerZeitung_30032017.pdf

AMNESIA-Zug: Erfolgreicher Start der aufsuchenden Beratung für Menschen mit Demenz


  • 17 März. 2017
  • Amnesia Zug Wordpress
  • https://www.amnesia-zug.ch/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/170317_Pressemitteilung.pdf

Lancierung AMNESIA-Zug – Hausbesuche für Menschen mit Demenz


  • 01 Sept. 2016
  • Amnesia Zug Wordpress
  • http://www.amnesia-zug.ch/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/160901_Pressemitteilung-AMNESIA_ALZ.pdf