2022 Strategy FLRF

Our long-term, overarching strategy is driven by a bold, but simple goal: to see breastfeeding become the norm and improve the health of mothers and children worldwide.

Breastfeeding is the single most effective intervention to improve a baby’s health and chance for a better life. Yet despite decades of investment, breastfeeding rates are still frustratingly low: millions of women and families worldwide don’t have the support they need to provide breastmilk to their children.

It’s time for new ideas to accelerate progress. That’s why we are revitalizing the journey from science to impact, helping build innovative, efficient pathways to a world where every child has an optimum start in life during the critical 1,000 day development window through the benefits of breastmilk.

Our work is focused on three, interconnected areas across this journey to empower others: knowledge discovery, translation and deployment.

Investments in breastfeeding are investments in our shared future. When we work together to ensure breastmilk is truly valued and families are supported, opportunity expands: children and mothers lead healthier lives, human capital improves, and poverty declines.

As such, we are proud to contribute to the international quest of achieving the WHO Global Targets 2025 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals shown below.