Endowed Research Centers

2022 Main Research Centers FLRF

Since 2013, FLRF has endowed five independent breastfeeding research centers around the globe.

These fully funded research groups focus on key topics of their choosing including basic research (endocrinology, immunology, microbiome, neuro development) and behavioral economics. The research centers seek to generate and expand evidence-based knowledge that can inform strategies to accelerate impact towards reaching the global Sustainable Development Goals.

The universities and professorships sponsored by FLRF have complete independence and freedom of research and teaching. The research is meant to further the field of breastfeeding, and as such, all research results are published in full and available in the public domain for the global public good.

Beyond their individual research areas, the research centers are collaborating on interdisciplinary research projects capable of bridging traditional divides between disciplines. The Global Human Milk Research Consortium has been set up with the intention to facilitate this cooperation. Please visit the Global Human Milk Research Consortium website for more information.