The World Health Organization recommends mothers exclusively breastfeed infants for the first six months, and continue up to the age of two years and beyond with additional nutritious complementary foods to achieve optimal growth, development and health. Some mothers and infants may require medical support to establish and maintain effective lactation during this period of time. With LactaMap – An online lactation care support system, medical practitioners now have a new source for current, evidence-based information accessible at the point of care to support breastfeeding mothers and their infants.

LactaMap functions as a decision support system, helping practitioners rapidly navigate its wealth of information with an intuitive care pathway to appropriate, evidence-based clinical information for patients.

“Lactation completes the reproductive cycle. Yet doctors are reporting that they aren’t receiving enough education in this area. As an online tool that allows translation of new research into practice soon after publication, LactaMap aims to change that.” – Melinda Boss, MPS, BPharm, Senior Research Fellow and Principal Investigator of the LactaResearch Group, The University of Western Australia (UWA)

LactaMap contains over 100 evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, LactaPedia (a glossary of lactation for science and medicine), and over 20 information sheets that can be printed or emailed to patients. Its content was developed by the LactaResearch Group at UWA, under the leadership of Melinda Boss and Emeritus Professor Peter Hartmann, and brought to fruition with a donation of approximately AUD 1 million from the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation (FLRF).

Free of charge to medical practitioners everywhere, LactaMap will soon also become available as an offline-accessible app for use in places without Internet connections. UWA and FLRF believe that with its capacity to enable medical practitioners quick access to evidence-based lactation information, LactaMap has the potential to positively impact the management of lactation challenges, therefore supporting mothers and infants to continue breastfeeding.

LactaMap was launched by UWA and FLRF in March 2019 during the Breastfeeding Innovations Team webinar, hosted by Leith Greenslade of

LactaMap guidelines have been appraised against the Agree II Instrument, the international gold standard for practice guidelines evaluation and development. LactaMap is a trademark of the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation.

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