Study for better breastfeeding outcomes after C-sections

  • News
  • 02 Mai. 2018

Medically indicated caesarean deliveries (C-sections) are becoming increasingly common, outpacing spontaneous deliveries in some regions worldwide.

Epidemiological studies indicate mothers are more likely to experience breastfeeding difficulties after C-sections, due to an absence of the hormones released during spontaneous deliveries (Evans et al. 2003; Prior et al. 2012; Wilbaux et al. 2019).

The University Children's Hospital Basel, in close cooperation with the University Hospital of Zurich and with support from the University Hospital Basel, Cantonal Hospital Baden, Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen and FLRF, will further examine these initial epidemiological findings and investigate whether the mild induction of lab our prior to medically indicated C-sections helps primary adaptation, bonding and lactation, resulting in improved neonatal and maternal outcomes.

Find more project details here or in the news release below.

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