World Health Day 2021

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  • 07 Apr. 2021

According to the WHO, breastfeeding is the best source of nourishment for infants and young children and one of the most effective ways to ensure child health and survival.

UNICEF calls breastfeeding a miracle investment, the closest thing the world has to a magic bullet for child survival.

And the UN says breastfeeding is the ‘smartest investment’ families, communities and countries can make, critical to achieving many Sustainable Development Goals: “it improves nutrition, SDG 2; prevents child mortality and decreases the risk of non-communicable diseases, SDG 3; and supports cognitive development and education, SDG 4. Breastfeeding is also an enabler to ending poverty, promoting economic growth and reducing inequalities.”

FLRF is revitalizing the journey from science to impact, so countries can break through entrenched challenges and sustain ambitious breastfeeding goals.

At FLRF we have a vision – a world in which every child has an optimum start in life through the benefits of breastmilk – so we focus on building efficient, proven pathways to get there.

When we work together to ensure breastmilk is truly valued and families are supported, opportunity expands: children and mothers lead healthier lives, human capital improves and poverty declines. We commit ourselves to this work because investments in breastfeeding are investments in our shared future.

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