Now in German: Breastfeeding reference book

  • News
  • 22 Sept. 2021

Breastfeeding, with its myriad biological, medical and social facets, is an extremely topical and much discussed subject.

For the first time in the German-speaking world, a book has now been published in which more than 30 leading experts examine breastfeeding from very different scientific perspectives: Stillen und Muttermilch – von den biochemischen Grundlagen bis zur gesellschaftlichen Wirkung. Eine multidisziplinäre Einführung.

This unique reference book is ideal for health professionals and decision-makers … and a fascinating read for everyone.

Published by FLRF at Theime, it is available here.You can also find an open access PDF on LactaHub – An Evidence-Based Resource for Breastfeeding Intelligence.

More details in German are here and in the press release below.

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