EFBRI launches on LactaHub!

  • News
  • 18 Nov. 2021

Illustration: Nadja Stadelmann

The University of Zurich (UZH) and FLRF are delighted to launch EFBRI – An Evolving Ethical Framework Informing Breastfeeding Research and Interventions, on LactaHub. 

EFBRI compiles ethical principles from established and accepted international standards. Its purpose is to streamline research processes for people working with breastfeeding mothers and children. With EFBRI, researchers and other stakeholders can align their work to universal research ethics standards, confidently and efficiently.

EFBRI is a modular, evolving framework. Module 1 – now here on LactaHub – focuses on research.

Module 2 – in development by UZH and expected in 2022 – will focus on interventions. Future modules will be shaped by user needs and globally evolving ethics. Ultimately, EFBRI can lay the groundwork for best practice ethics in healthcare policy, implementation and funding activities.

To inform EFBRI’s development, UZH and FLRF are inviting explicit user feedback and suggestions.

Their aim: in the tradition of community science, build a globally applicable, real-life framework to safeguard the rights and dignity of everyone involved in breastfeeding and lactation research, no matter where in the world.

Read the press release in English and in German.