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  • 18 März. 2022

Offering financial incentives is a common practice in health research to recruit participants, retain them, and promote health-related behaviors.

Nevertheless, the use of these incentives remains controversial in some cases. In our free webinar, international experts will present their views on financial incentives in health research and health interventions, discuss the ethical questions around the topic with a focus on breastfeeding research, and answer questions from the audience. This webinar provides a platform to discuss this topic.

Watch a recording of the webinar here

Forum for Global Health Ethics Webinar: Offering Financial Incentives to Participants in Health and Breastfeeding Research

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

8-9:30 am Mexico City
2-3:30 pm London
3-4:30 pm Zurich
4-5:30 pm Nairobi
6-7:30 pm Lahore
9-10:30 pm Singapore

The Swiss Medical Weekly published a viewpoint previewing the topic, please access it here

The webinar is part of the Forum for Global Health Ethics Webinar Series and completes the LactaWebinar on EFBRI – an Evolving Ethical Framework Informing Breastfeeding Research and Interventions. A recording of this LactaWebinar is accessible here: LactaEthics.

It is organized by the Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine (University of Zurich), the Swiss Medical Weekly, The Global Health Network (University of Oxford) and LactaHub. More information on: LactaWebinar.

Illustration: Nadja Stadelmann