Context matters, especially when it comes to ethics

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  • 16 Mai. 2022

Are you involved in health or breastfeeding research or implementation?

You might find this Journal of Medical Ethics blog post helpful: ‘When context calls: EFBRI – An Evolving Ethical Framework Informing Breastfeeding Research and Interventions’. Click here to view the blog post.

The blog post summarizes a panel discussion held by international experts during the 10 March 2022 LactaWebinar introducing EFBRI. From Part I of the Ethics in Health and Breastfeeding Research Webinar Series, it is full of practical insights and guidance on ethics application from international experts working in diverse health settings.

Part II of the Ethics in Health and Breastfeeding Research Webinar Series: Common yet controversial – financial incentives in health research

The practice is common, yet offering financial incentives to recruit or retain participants, or promote health-related behaviors, is controversial. Advocates say incentives could enable people to join in a study who otherwise would be unable, increasing sample diversity. Critics say incentives could compromise research integrity and outcomes.

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Illustration: Nadja Stadelmann