Open access: LactaHub workshop recording, Kenya Paediatric Association Conference

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  • 26 Apr. 2023
2023 Breastfeeding Mother

The Kenya Paediatric Association hosted a richly informative, hands-on LactaHub Workshop at its Annual Scientific Conference: Explore Ethical Principles in Health and Breastfeeding Research by Using EFBRI – An Evolving Ethical Framework Informing Breastfeeding Research and Interventions

Explore Ethical Principles in Health and Breastfeeding Research – Mombasa, 26 April 2023

Prof. Violet Naanyu (Moi University School of Public Health), Ms. Caroline Kithinji (Kenya Medical Research Institute) and Dr. Stephen Muhudhia (Nairobi Hospital), together with EFBRI’s co-creator Prof. Nikola Biller-Andorno (University of Zurich), introduced EFBRI and its key applications for research and interventions targeting optimal child health via breastfeeding. The workshop explored real-world ethics scenarios. Participants were able to ask questions and discover how to apply an ethics lens to their own work in child health as they walked through case studies and practical situations.

EFBRI is an open access framework of ethics considerations related to breastfeeding research and interventions. Built on established international standards, it was created to streamline research and intervention processes for people working with breastfeeding mothers and children. With EFBRI, health professionals can align their work to universal research ethics standards – confidently and efficiently.

FLRF is grateful to the presenters, the conference team and the Kenya Paediatric Association for hosting the LactaHub workshop. It was an honor to share a booth with the Kenya Association for Breastfeeding and to meet everyone who joined.

Would you like to get involved in the further development of EFBRI? The EFBRI team is inviting a diverse and balanced group of experts to build consensus on the framework. If you are interested in a possible contribution, please write to

Illustration by Nadja Stadelmann