Herbal Galactagogues and Breastmilk Production

2022 09 Projects FLRF

Probing the Effective and Toxic Principles of Four Herbal Galactagogues – this study investigated these commonly used herbal galactagogues in promoting breastmilk production: oat’s rue, fenugreek, thistle and moringa.

Conducted at the Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research and taking an interdisciplinary, chemical biology approach, the study set out to identify the specific natural compounds underlying the herbal galactagogues’ efficacy and elucidate their mechanism of action in promoting milk production in breast tissue.

The study was led by Professor Jing-Ke Weng and supported by FLRF. It also evaluated the potential toxicity of certain compounds present in these galactagogues – an important consideration for safe dosage. 

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