Translating Research, Making Science Accessible

2022 26 Projects FLRF

FLRF and Aga Khan University (AKU) launched the Translation of Research-Based Breastfeeding Knowledge: Making the Latest Science Accessible project in 2022.

Led by Professor Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta, it aims to improve accessibility and usability of research-based breastfeeding knowledge for a wide audience.

Research-based knowledge (RBK) plays a key role in achieving global breastfeeding goals and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet while scientists generate new, valuable information each day, their work often remains hidden in research journals and its applications to public health are not fully appreciated or translated into to useable formats. 

AKU and FLRF intend to change this. Their vision is to translate knowledge so that it becomes more accessible and usable to the non-scientific community.  

The project will first develop a consensus-based framework that includes a target list of relevant topics and formats, plus a gap analysis of existing translations. This work will generate a roadmap for translating research-based breastfeeding knowledge (e.g., on PubMed, and/or created by WHO, UN, IFPRI, etc.) to improve its accessibility for a wider audience.

The envisioned translation will include three levels and material types to reach all relevant stakeholders:

  • Scientific literature summaries
  • Lay-science summaries
  • Fact sheets and infographics

By aggregating and translating research-based, peer-reviewed content from appropriate, relevant sources, the project intends to reduce time spent searching for papers or verifying their quality, plus increase comprehension of research-based literature. For instance, the translated materials can help pave the way for evidence-based advocacy, inform policy implementation and meet specific knowledge needs of different stakeholders working in the field of breastfeeding. 

Ultimately, the partners believe their work can bridge disconnects between research, policy and practice in public health. 

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