Evaluating Best Practice Interventions

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Operational Assessment Framework for Evaluating Breastfeeding Interventions

The Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation and the University of Ghana launched this project to assess the operational feasibility of breastfeeding interventions, enabling implementers to identify those interventions which could be effectively implemented and or scaled-up as part of health system policies to promote breastfeeding within a given context.

Primary project objectives

  • Set up a consensus process with recognized international experts to agree on over 20 parameters that have been identified for the first draft of the Operational Assessment Framework
  • Assess the quality, transferability, scalability, and operational feasibility of over 1,400 published breastfeeding interventions, employing AI algorithms
  • Describe the database to facilitate easier access for practitioners to critical breastfeeding interventions, and thus to improve breastfeeding environments for millions of women worldwide

Project partner and principal investigator

University of Ghana School of Public Health, Professor Richmond Nii Okai Aryeetey

The starting point will be a database of over 1,400 published breastfeeding interventions covering the years 1970-2021, with more to be added. The partners believe there is value in developing a framework that can help users to identify those interventions that will fit them best from an operational point of view.

The assessments will be conducted with experts in health, featuring broad expertise in fields ranging from sciences to economics.

The Operational Framework for Intervention Evaluation launched in 2024 as a follow-up to the Best Practice Interventions project. Are you interested in learning more? Please contact Professor Aryeetey at raryeetey@ug.edu.gh or FLRF at info@larsson-rosenquist.org.