Micronutrient needs of breastfeeding mothers

2024 Micronutrients And Breastfeeding

Understanding micronutrient supplementation during breastfeeding

While previous studies have investigated micronutrient supplementation for maternal nutrition, little is known about how it impacts maternal health and wellbeing during breastfeeding, particularly over several reproductive cycles. How micronutrient supplementation during breastfeeding may benefit – or pose risks – to infant health is also unclear.

For these reasons, the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation (FLRF) and the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Consortium launched the 'Lactation and Micronutrient Needs' project. They aim to gather information that is urgently needed to prioritize, design and initiate research intervention programs aimed at improving maternal nutrition, and thus the health of both mother and infant.

Primary project objectives

  • Identify health reference indicators for maternal health and nutritional status, and infant health and safety
  • Search for and assess the current state of knowledge about multiple micronutrient supplementation (MMS) and/or single micronutrient supplementation on maternal health during the breastfeeding period, and its safety and benefits for mother and child
  • Based on the above outcomes, reach consensus on knowledge gaps and future research priorities

Project partner and principal investigator

Dr. Martha Mwangome as project lead, together with support from the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Consortium.

Working together, scientists and practitioners will systematically assess current expertise to create a comprehensive lay of land. From the knowledge they capture, the partners will develop recommendations to support lactating mothers with their micronutrient requirements.

The project also aims to identify gaps in knowledge. These will help to formulate the next research priorities for lactating mothers’ health outcomes, wellbeing and nutritional status. The partners are working toward a multiyear research agenda that provides a thorough understanding of micronutrient supplementation during the ‘first 1,000 days’ – from conception until a child reaches two years of age.

The 'Lactation and Micronutrient Needs' project launched in 2024 to support the health of breastfeeding mothers and their infants. Are you interested in learning more or getting involved? Please contact FLRF at info@larsson-rosenquist.org