breast milk - a life-giving gift

«breast milk - a life-giving gift»

A natural gift

Nature at its best

The birth of a new baby is a magic moment. It happens millions of times every year, thousands of times every hour. Yet, the magic and the awe for this miracle of a new life remain each time. Nature has provided well and ensured that mothers can feed their newborn with their own milk – a natural, life-giving gift. No substitute reaches the quality, completeness and benefits of breast milk.

That is why, the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation dedicates all its efforts, its passion and its wholehearted long-term commitment to promoting and supporting breastfeeding and breast milk.

New human milk banking toolkit to increase babies’ access to lifesaving mothers’ milk released

New human milk banking toolkit is released by a group of international experts under the leadership of FATH, and its parent PATH, with support from the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation. The new package of guidance materials, “Strengthening Human Milk Banking: A Resource Toolkit for Establishing and Integrating Human Milk Banks”, designed as a compendium of standards and best practices to improve survival for vulnerable infants, is now available for free download by communities everywhere.

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