Great Britain’s Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly (BBF) experiences

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  • 07 März. 2022

Versatility matters. Especially for success when implementing evidence-based policy toolboxes like BBF in very different national settings.

Implementation experiences from England, Scotland and Wales, and their specific policy improvement recommendations, show just how versatile BBF is. For instance, England was trained by the Yale School of Public Health team that developed BBF. Then England trained and assisted Scotland and Wales with the implementation and oversight of BBF in those countries.

Find all the details in this open access article, 'Gearing to success with national breastfeeding programmes: The Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly (BBF) initiative experience', just published in a special issue of Maternal & Child Nutrition.

The authors note the successful experiences in Great Britain align with successful experiences from Germany, Ghana, Mexico, Myanmar and Samoa, saying that today, BBF "is informing breastfeeding policy across diverse countries" socioeconomic, cultural contexts as well as contrasting health care and social systems.”

Are you interested in learning more about BBF and its 8-gear system (Central Coordination Goals & Monitoring, Advocacy, Political Will, Legislation & Policies, Resources, Training & Delivery, Promotion and Research & Evaluation)? Please check here.

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