Development of AMNESIA-Zug

2022 02 Project FLRF

Dementia is one of the greatest challenges for social and healthcare systems worldwide.

In Switzerland, an estimated 130,000 people live with some form of dementia. In 2016, the pilot project AMNESIA-Zug was launched in canton Zug as a contact and counselling center for anyone caring for people with dementia. AMNESIA-Zug offers uncomplicated access to qualified counselling, information and coordination for all questions related to dementia.

For personal reasons, the Larsson-Rosenquist Family felt very strongly about this issue. Therefore, the foundation took over financing of the pilot project in 2016 and actively co-developed it.

The project received very positive feedback and after five years transferred to the canton’s standard healthcare system as planned.

On 1 January 2021, AMNESIA-Zug integrated into the psychiatric institution Triaplus AG in Zug. The 11 communities of canton Zug are jointly assuming its future financing, transitioning the project to a permanent care service.

For FLRF, the project is now complete. In August 2021, FLRF published a handbook that describes the project in detail. It is intended to support other institutions and cantons in setting up a similar program. 

Meanwhile, we invite you to learn more about the project and care service from these videos (both in German): 

Read the press release from AMNESIA-Zug and Triaplus AG (in German).

Read the original press release from FLRF (in German).